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What if I am still Working, should I sign up for Medicare Part A & B?


If you are currently receiving your health coverage through your employer, It might not be necessary to take Medicare Part B. Medicare Part B will come with a monthly premium that you will be responsible to pay. Furthermore, Medicare Part B may be of little use since your employer coverage is primary and in effect. However it is recommended you take Part A as it can provide substantial benefits to your health coverage.

I will be turning 65 in 2 months, can I sign up now?


Good, news you can begin to look into your medicare plan options as of 3 months prior to your 65th birthday. This will provide ample time for the right decision and have all your affairs in order before they take effect.

I've got at least 1 ton of paperwork in the mail, I've read through it and I quote " I have two Masters Degrees, and I don't understand medicare" what do I do?


We understand that getting the right information at the right time becomes vital, mostly when you begin to feel as if there is a count down on your head. One of our Medicare Plans Professionals can help you look into all the possible questions you can have. Our Agents are required to know Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Plans and UNDERSTAND them. They will give you this knowledge to make the right decision with NO commitment.

Why Do I Need You or an Agent?



One of our experienced agents can bring about that connection, relationship and care that a phone call will never achieve. A local agent can always make a housecall to help in those moments you might need the most. That agent will remain as your agent for as long as your policy is with us. He is experienced and caring in meeting your needs. An agent is undoubtedly a necessity when things are delicate.






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