We are a small and strong team of dedicated health insurance professionals. Our goal is to be able to provide services necessary to make sure that all of your health insurance needs are met. With a variety of constant changes to health insurance across the country, we have realized that our expertise in the subject is of great need and demand. All of our agents are qualified at bringing you an understanding of health insurance and can provide you with options that are to your benefit. Here, at United Emblems of Health we are experts and professionals in our field and we can help you when it comes to:



NEW YORK HEALTH EXCHANGE (Obama Care/ Affordable Care Act) NY



The New York State Of Health 

Our company is prepared and ready to assist individuals or companies navigate the complex world of The New York Health Exchange (ACA - Affordable Care Act). Do not hesitate in contacting us with your questions or concerns.

Even if you are enrolled into a plan, call us if you have any questions at 718.480.6922 or Email: info@unitedemblemsofhealth.com

Medicare Health Plans / Supplement Plans


Being eligible for Medicare's Part A and B is a privilege in our nation. We are health insurance professionals who represent some of the largest providers in health insurance.


Section Page News - Modern Healthcare

Typical NYC hospital CEO earns more than $1 million a year (Thu, 16 Jan 2020)
The median salary for the CEO of a New York metropolitan-area hospital or health system was more than $1.1 million in 2017, plus about $58,000 in other compensation such as retirement-plan contributions and fringe benefits.
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Rising inpatient acuity may not mean patients are sicker, Mass. commission finds (Tue, 14 Jan 2020)
Despite a nearly 14% decline in commercial inpatient utilization from 2013 to 2018, inpatient spending grew about 11%, according to the commission's annual cost trends report.
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N.Y. governor looks to shift Medicaid burden onto New York City and counties (Thu, 09 Jan 2020)
Gov. Andrew Cuomo indicated that the state could save $2 billion just by no longer covering New York City's local share of Medicaid cost increases—reversing a policy he put in place six years ago.
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Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines

Iraq protests swell with youth angry at slow pace of reform (Sun, 19 Jan 2020)
Iraq protests swell with youth angry at slow pace of reformThe youth-dominated rallies demanding an overhaul of the ruling system have rocked Shiite-majority parts of Iraq since October, but had thinned out in recent weeks amid the geopolitical storm of rising Iran-US tensions. On Sunday the anti-government protest movement was re-ignited with hundreds of angry young people descending on the main protest camp in Baghdad's Tahrir Square as well as the nearby Tayaran Square. Others burned tyres to block highways and bridges, turning back cars and leading to traffic jams across the city.

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'Sick, dizzy and nauseated:' Teachers sue Delta over jet's fuel dump over schools (Sat, 18 Jan 2020)
'Sick, dizzy and nauseated:' Teachers sue Delta over jet's fuel dump over schoolsAttorney Gloria Allred's office says teachers did their best to protect children on the school playground as fuel rained down.

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Finally, we work with some of the largest health insurance companies in the INDIVIDUAL MARKET, MEDICARE MARKET and GROUP HEALTH PLAN's MARKET.